HOT Movie Clip

Season 8 Episode 1~2

Fairy Tale Land Turns to Stone

The witches Poison and Medusa trap the magical power of Fairy Tale Land into a Secret Stone. The witches turn Fairy Tale Land into stone. Jouju and Lulu take the broken pieces of the Secret Stone and run away to the human world. Sadly, Jouju’s friends don’t remember Jouju at all. Jouju’s deepest wish to get her friends back gives Jouju the power of the pink stone! But suddenly Jouju collapses...Jouju and Lulu, who have escaped Fairy Tale Land that has turned to stone, decide to look for the pieces of the Secret Stone that are scattered in the human world. Jouju goes to help Lilly recycle the trash but gets caught by strange trees. Lilly saves Jouju and finds a yellow piece from the stone. Lilly remembers Jouju with power of the stone! Will Jouju and Lilly be able to help their other friends get their memory back?


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