Guardians of Star

  • Genre : Fantasy, School, Friendship, Music
  • Format : 24 episodes x 11 minutes
  • Target : Girls, Age 4-10
Jouju is reincarnated as the daughter of Selena the pâtissier and Lucas the barista, who run a bakery in Sunshineville. She leads a pleasant life, dreaming of one day becoming a great pâtissier just like her mother. She is reunited with her childhood best friend, Cindy. Cindy has returned home after studying abroad, and Jouju is delighted to have her friend back. One day, a cute cat (Taro) follows Jouju home and starts telling her strange things. It’s s something about Jouju originally being a goddess in the celestial realm. She’s supposed to find all 11 starlight goddesses in the human realm and fill her card album... It turns out Jouju was a goddess-in-training in the celestial realm, on her way to becoming the 12th goddess. During her training however, her curiosity got the better of her and made her break one of the rules of the celestial realm. As a punishment, she was reincarnated as a human, with the mission of finding the goddesses. Hiding inside the mission is an astonishing secret... Jouju, who has lost all her memories of the celestial realm, is consistently plunged into danger by the witch Devi and her cronies. She is helped out by Taro, and has a supernatural experience which causes her to believe what Taro says. She comes to terms with her fate and the huge secret that lies inside her. She teams up with her friends Cindy and Taro to face off against Devi and her cronies, so that she can find the goddesses and protect her everyday life.

Meet the Characters


While she was a goddess-in-training in the celestial realm and on her way to becoming the 12th goddess, she has been reincarnated as the precious daughter of Selena the pâtissier and Lucas the barista. She is full of curiosity, and is a girl of action. Being rather full of herself and needs to have her own way, and that spells trouble for her wherever she goes. Still, she learns and grows from these experiences. She is an honest , innocent and sometimes goofy girl. She was born into the fate of finding the 11 goddesses hidden in the human realm, and protecting the peace between the human and celestial realms.