Season 9

  • Genre : Academy, Genuine, Love
  • Format : 14 Episodes
  • Target : Age 5-8
Using the power of friendship, the 5 members of Secret Flower were successful in defeating the witch Medusa.
Although Jouju believed that spring would return after defeating the witches, none of the fairies seem to be appearing.
Fearing witches, the fairies are unwilling to venture outside and the only way to change this is the tune from playing Mysterious Rainbow Harp. Although Jouju successfully finds the Rainbow Harp, the 'Harmony Stone' disappears! In order to recover the stolen 'Harmony Stone' Jouju and Lulu set off to call for Secret Flower! And of course, Lazy the trouble maker fairy also joins the party to the real world.
Meanwhile, Peter is busy making plans to separate the members of Secret Flower while a dark shadow is approaching Irene!
To restore the lost harmony of Fairy Tale lLnd, Secret Flower sets out on a new adventure.

Meet the Characters


A food-loving, reckless fairy that has come to the human world to save Fairy Tale Land which has turned to stone. To find her friends who have lost their memories. She searches for the scattered pieces of the Secret Stone that can help restore Fairy Tale Land and its fairies. In the meantime, she breathes life into Fairy Tale Land with Secret Flower's music. She is the main vocal for Secret Flower. She overcomes hardships that come her way, with her brave and optimistic attitude.