Season 10

  • Genre : Academy, Genuine, Love
  • Format : 14 Episodes
  • Target : Age 5-8
To save Fairy Tale Land from the witches, the fairies present Secret Flower with newly made Charms.
In order to regain her power, Poison disguises herself as the singer 'Ivy' in order to steal the innocence of children.
When innocent children fall under the spell of Ivy's song, their character slowly begins to change like her. Secret Flower asks the fairies for help and receives the Fairy Music Sheet that will cleanse the children of Poison's power. The children under the full control of Ivy begins to intefere Secret Flower's performance stage.
Using the innocence stolen from the children, Posion recovers her powers, and trys to release the sealed Medusa and the Black Witch...
Will Secret Flower be able to return lost innocence to the children? Even under dangerous circumstances, Secret Flower once again unites to begin their new adventure. The tale of friendship and five new Charms begins!

Meet the Characters


A food-loving, reckless fairy that has come to the human world to save Fairy Tale Land which has turned to stone. To find her friends who have lost their memories. She searches for the scattered pieces of the Secret Stone that can help restore Fairy Tale Land and its fairies. In the meantime, she breathes life into Fairy Tale Land with Secret Flower's music. She is the main vocal for Secret Flower. She overcomes hardships that come her way, with her brave and optimistic attitude.