Season 11

  • Genre : Academy, Genuine, Love
  • Format : 14 Episodes
  • Target : Age 5-8
Secret Flower stops the return of the witches but the door to the Witch World gets opened and allows Bella, Dia and Blo to manage to come into the real world. Bella, Dia and Blo divide the magic 'Saphi' so they can each take a half when they are separated. Dia and Blo head out to Secret Town in search of Bella. Meanwhile, Jouju coincidentally finds the Black Saphi that makes her shrink while Bella who has lost her memory becomes friends with Lily. Without knowing that Bella is a witch, Lily helps Bella recover her memories! With the help of Secret Flower, Bella regains her memory and in her quest for the Saphis she puts Secret Flower and Fairy Tale Land into danger...
Will Secret Flower be able to save Fairy Tale Land from the witches once again while protecting the Saphis, the Magic World's jewels? The kind-hearted Bella who loses her memories while having built affection towards Secret Flower when her memory was gone, starts a new adventure on who'll take the Saphis!

Meet the Characters


A food-loving, reckless fairy that has come to the human world to save Fairy Tale Land which has turned to stone. To find her friends who have lost their memories. She searches for the scattered pieces of the Secret Stone that can help restore Fairy Tale Land and its fairies. In the meantime, she breathes life into Fairy Tale Land with Secret Flower's music. She is the main vocal for Secret Flower. She overcomes hardships that come her way, with her brave and optimistic attitude.