Season 8

  • Genre : Academy, Genuine, Love
  • Format : 16 Episodes
  • Target : Age 5-8
The Full-Moon Night Festival is an event that every fairy in Fairy Tale Land attends. Jouju who was practicing her song for the festival finds herself arriving late, meanwhile the two witches Poison and Medusa have attacked Fairy Tale Land and turned all the fairies into grey stones. Two witches steal the magical power of Fairy Tale Land and store it in a Secret Stone to bury the place in eternal darkness. Jouju and Lulu who were late to the event luckily escape from being turned into stone, and realising what has happened, succesfully steal the Secret Stone from the hands of the witches. However, during their escape to the real world the Secret Stone is broken by the witches' attacks and the fragments scatter into the real world. With Fairy Tale Land falling into darkness, the real world also falls under the shadow which causes Jouju's friends to lose their memory of Jouju. Jouju and Lulu's new adventure begins as they try to bring together the Secret Flower Band and save the Fairy Tale Land.

Meet the Characters


A food-loving, reckless fairy that has come to the human world to save Fairy Tale Land which has turned to stone. To find her friends who have lost their memories. She searches for the scattered pieces of the Secret Stone that can help restore Fairy Tale Land and its fairies. In the meantime, she breathes life into Fairy Tale Land with Secret Flower's music. She is the main vocal for Secret Flower. She overcomes hardships that come her way, with her brave and optimistic attitude.