Season 13

  • Genre : Academy, Genuine, Love
  • Format : 12 Episodes
  • Target : Age 5-8
Jouju manages to get a hold of the Tiara Phone which carries fairies' magic. In order to oppose the power of the Tiara Phone, Bella attacks Fairy Tale Land but the land trying to protect itself shuts all the doors to the other worlds. Before the doors shut, by a different magic, Lily, Irene, Sasha and Rosa were shrunken and sent to another world. During their fight, Bella and Jouju were sent to the real world! Jouju tries to fight against Bella alone while the members of Secret Flower are thrown into another world where they are mistaken for witches...
Will Secret Flower be able to find their ways back home? The new magics within the Tiara Phone, the mysterious world of magic and the new adventures throughout Dream Village begins again!

Meet the Characters


A food-loving, reckless fairy that has come to the human world to save Fairy Tale Land which has turned to stone. To find her friends who have lost their memories. She searches for the scattered pieces of the Secret Stone that can help restore Fairy Tale Land and its fairies. In the meantime, she breathes life into Fairy Tale Land with Secret Flower's music. She is the main vocal for Secret Flower. She overcomes hardships that come her way, with her brave and optimistic attitude.